Summary Orwell’s Animal Farm

Mr. Jones owns the Manor farm near the town of Willingdon in England. The old boar, the Major gathers at night in a large barn of all the animals that live here. He says that they live in slavery and poverty, because man appropriates the fruits of their labor, and calls for an uprising: one must be freed from man, and animals will immediately become free and rich. Major sings the old song “Beasts of England”. Animals amicably pick up. Preparations for the uprising are taken on by pigs, which are considered to be the most intelligent animals.

Among them stand out Napoleon, Snowball and Vizgun. They transform the teaching of Major into a harmonious philosophical system called Animalism and set out its foundations for the rest on secret gatherings. The most loyal disciples are the box horses Boxer and Clover. The rebellion occurs earlier than one would expect, since Jones is drinking, and his workers completely abandoned the farm and stopped feeding the cattle. The patience

of the animals comes to an end, they attack their tormentors and drive them away. Now the farm, the Manor barnyard belongs to animals. They destroy everything that reminds them of the master, and his house is left as a museum, but none of them should ever live there. The estate is given a new name: “Animal Farm”.

The principles of Pig’s Animalism are reduced to the Seven Commandments and written on the wall of the barn. From now on they are obliged to live on the “Animal Farm” animals:

1. All bipeds are enemies.

2. All four-legged or with wings are friends.

3. Animals should not wear clothes.

4. Animals should not sleep in bed.

5. Animals should not consume alcohol.

6. Animals should not kill other animals for no reason.

7. All animals are equal.

For those who can not remember all the Commandments, Snowball cuts them down to one: “Four legs are good, two legs are bad”.

Animals are happy, although they work from dawn to dusk. The boxer works for three. His motto: “I will work harder.” On Sundays,

general meetings are held; resolutions are always put forward by pigs, the rest is only voted. Then everyone sings the anthem “Beasts of England”. Pigs do not work, they lead others.

Jones and his workers attack the “Animal Farm”, but the animals fearlessly defend themselves, and people panic in retreat. Victory drives animals into raptures. They call the battle Battle of the Cowshed, establish the Order of the “Hero-Hero” of the first and second degree and award the distinguished in battle Snezhka and Boxer.

Snowball and Napoleon are constantly arguing at meetings, especially about the construction of a windmill. The idea belongs to Snezhka, who himself performs measurements, calculations and drawings: he wants to connect a generator to the windmill and supply the farm with electricity. Napoleon objected from the outset. And when Snowball convinces the animals to vote at a meeting in his favor, at the signal of Napoleon, nine huge ferocious dogs burst into the barn and attack Sniezka. He hardly fled, and no one ever sees him again. Napoleon cancels any meetings. All questions will now be decided by a special committee of pigs headed by himself; they will sit separately, and then announce their decisions.

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Summary Orwell’s Animal Farm