Whom I want to become

Whom I want to become

It is difficult to choose a future profession, today there are so many opportunities and it’s so hard to choose what you want to do all your life.

I want my future profession to be useful for people, interesting for me and fit according to abilities and opportunities.

I really love animals, I’m interested in studying their habitat, habits and ways to improve their living conditions. Reading about the reserves in the countries of Africa, Australia, South America, I dream to visit there, take part in the ongoing experiments aimed at the restoration of populations of rare species of animals, to study their habits and treatment. I firmly decided that I wanted to become a zoologist and devote my life to studying wild animals. After all, not only in hot countries there

are unusual animals that need to be rescued. And in our country there are vast reserves, in which live animals, listed in the red book and on the verge of destruction.

The life of different animals, caring for them – all this has taken me from the very childhood, I had many different pets, I can treat and care for them, I am not afraid of them and can get along with any animal. And in my dreams, I hope to travel and work in the most famous reserves, to grow cheetahs and lions like Joy Adams and describe my adventures as D. Darrell. It is these books that awakened my interest and love for nature, I hope to repeat the exploits of the main characters in saving wildlife and live the same unusual and rich life.

I count on the fact that my future profession will not only be a work, but also a favorite business in which I will invest my soul and I will be able to benefit the country and do something for animals.

Already today I am preparing for the future profession – I try to read more books on this topic, watch TV shows and are interested in local nature reserves. During the summer holidays, I will try to get into a zoo and join a circle of zoologists, this will help me to expand my knowledge and prepare for the future profession.

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Whom I want to become