Composition “Squirrel”

What do I know about proteins? Squirrel – fidget. This is one of the most mobile animals of our forests. She, like a kitty, washes herself, then attentively looks around her eyes with black beads, clinks discontentedly, if she sees an outsider in the forest, and makes a rapid leap, spreading her fluffy tail, to the next tree.

Protein is a rodent, which lives mainly in conifers, more often in spruce forests. But these graceful animals live in other places, next to a man. They made friends with people, take food from their hands, preferring nuts and sweet.

It is interesting to observe how a small animal processes a cone. The squirrel cuts it off at the very base, sits on the branch of the tree, pushes the cone to its mouth with its front paws and nibbles the scales promptly, choosing the seeds hidden under them. Scales rain fall down, and behind them soon the rod also falls. On the southern side of the crown of cones more, they are larger, and the animal here often feeds.

Why do proteins like fir seeds? They contain 35 percent fat and 15 percent protein. But even in the harvest years the squirrels have enough food only up to half of the winter, so these beautiful, lively and attractive animals must be fed.

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Composition “Squirrel”