Composition of man and animal

The composition of the Unified State Examination in S. Salnikov’s text on the problem of the relationship between man and wild animals.

Human and nature. Does man need the existence of nature, and does nature need man? It is this issue that interests the author S. Salnikov.

The author reveals this problem with an example from life. Wild animals sometimes need the support of a person who is able to come to help in difficult situations when they are in danger. The author tells how people helped the whales to get out of the ice blocks, having sailed a considerable distance, having done a difficult job. Also, the rescuers did not know if the whales would sail into the pierced passage.

The author claims that a person should be worthy of trust, which unfortunately animals do not experience in relation to a person, without expecting good actions from him.

I agree with the author’s position, since I believe that in life different situations can occur,

such as changes in the conditions of nature: a sharp cooling, aridity, flood and others. Therefore, a person should help animals as far as possible. This is more than once written in the media.

For example, in 2011 in Japan, about 50 whales were ashore. Local residents, surfers and civil servants took part in rescuing surviving whales.

Also, as an argument, one can quote the works of R. Kipling “Mowgli”. Where the wild beasts did not eat the little boy, they raised it. As a result, these animals became a family for the boy.

Thus, it can be concluded that animals need human help. Take the same stray dogs: sheltering them or at least feeding them, we have already helped. The main thing is that people have some kind of feeling, sympathy towards animals.

(1) It happened a long time ago, in the fall of 1988, when, unexpectedly early, having confused with the calendar, winter came. (2) Huge, thick ice covered the northern seas and pressed several gray California whales to the shores of Alaska. (H) The animals rushed on a narrow strip of clear water between the ice hummocks and the rocky shores of Cape Barrow. (4) With each passing day the strip of water became less and the whales were to perish. (5) The inhabitants of the village observed the shore from the whales, but they could not help them: there were no icebreakers capable of breaking such ice and piercing the waterway for dying sea animals.

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Composition of man and animal