Our little brothers

How can you not love animals? Is there such a person who is not touched by the sight of a furry bundle with a curious wet nose?

I really love animals, and everything in our family too. That’s probably why we have three cats, two dogs and a parrot. I think that my mother instilled love for animals. My grandmother told me how my mother brought all the homeless kittens home. We often recall the story of the appearance of Vaska’s cat in the grandmother’s family. Mom then finished school.

After passing the final exam in mathematics, she went home. And now on its way there was a “creature”, which was difficult to call a kitten. He was dirty, and the wool was all knotted together. At home he was washed, fed, and he became a beautiful white-red kitten with green eyes. Vaska was a very smart and obedient cat. He lived with his grandmother for fifteen years. Everyone loved him very much, therefore, when he was already old, and he had no teeth, he was

cutting his food in very small pieces. But no one thought of driving him out into the street.

A pet becomes a member of the family, it is loved and pampered. But the homeless is doomed. On the one hand, we condemn the capture of homeless animals, and on the other – realize that they are dangerous for people. A wild dog can bite a child, infect a person with rabies. Homeless animals are victims of human cruelty, because many turn out pets on the street, throw out like an unnecessary thing. And the man thinks in vain, that only he alone has feelings. Our lesser brothers suffer no less than man. Today, nurseries for homeless animals have started to appear.

They are supported by charity. But it seems to me that we do little good for the wildlife anyway. Are we always sensitive to all animals? I think no. Often we love only our four-legged friends and without hesitation we offend strangers or homeless people, draws. There are cases when parents, fulfilling the whims of their child, bring a kitten, a bird, a dog to the house, and then, when the child is happy, they throw the helpless animal into the street.

I am amazed by such irresponsibility, it becomes ashamed of human treachery and injustice. I am convinced that representatives of the animal kingdom, our smaller brothers, give us much more than we need them. They give us affection and devotion, their friendliness and love. They entrust their lives to us. And we do not have the right not to justify their trust.

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Our little brothers