The relationship between man and animals

The relationship between man and animals

The problem of relations between man and animals did not arise today. but so far it has not been solved. This problem is relevant not only for humanity in general. but for each of us individually. The measure of approach to its solution

There are personal principles: morality. conscience. kindness and culture. A clever, civilized person recognizes himself as part of animate nature. so the relationship with the animal world is perceived as a relationship with a world close to her.

The solution to this problem is hampered by delusion. reigning in society throughout the history of civilization: a man shares animals useful and harmful. based on their own needs. Actually. correctly a single principle of organizing life on Earth – in nature all beings are useful.


rare cases. when animals harmed a person. were caused by its interference in the natural course of events (we are talking, in particular, about the importation into Australia of wild rabbits or poisonous frogs – yeah).

One more significant error of the person is that. that she often builds relationships with the animal world. based on the so-called “intelligence” of animals. in the “smart” refers carefully. and to “unreasonable” – at best, it does not matter. In addition, the “intelligence” of animals is mainly determined on the scale “whose mind is closer to the mind of man.”

• Do not count. that animals are only capable of instinctive action. because they do not realize. that we are aware, people. In the middle of the XIX century. Russian zoologist and traveler G. Radde wrote. “One who has experienced himself with some success in the field of observing the organic world, soon begins to be frightened by the words instinct and to recognize for the animal mental considerations, more or less changeable in a species relation.” Of course, an animal can not study quantum mechanics. Such an acuteness of perception of the world, which is not accessible to us, to people, we are not smarter or stupider, we are just different. “

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The relationship between man and animals