Text description of the animal

The cat’s head is round. On the head are small, sensitive ears. Eyes as if split in the middle. This narrow gap widens in the dark, which helps the cat to see better.

The entire body of the cat is soft, flexible. The tail is long and fluffy. Legs short, but strong. Each finger is armed with a sharp curved claw. A cat can make his paw velvet. She cleverly hides her claws, so as not to dull. He walks on his fingers, but does not knock on the floor with his claws.

The cat jumps high and climbs trees. She’s neat, does not like dampness and dirt. She is attached to her children and bravely defends them. The cat gets used to the house more than to the person.

Prove that the type of speech in this text is a description.

Make a plan.

Write a detailed account of the creative continuation on the topic: “The Story of a Beloved Animal” or “My Favorite Animal”.

The text gives a detailed description of the cat: its appearance (head, eyes, body, tail, paws), habits (jumps and climbs trees), natural features (neat, does not like dampness and dirt), character (attached to their children, gets used to home).

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Text description of the animal