“How to make the world a better place”

It is necessary to understand why in life there is so much cruelty and injustice, why people sometimes become so vindictive. Here the principle is, as in war. When one army attacks an army, it naturally takes up arms and stands up for its own defense. Is not that right? Rarely in such matters, someone surrenders at once. The war will still be. So do the people. They formed something like stereotypes. And this military practice has become a habit, a common thing. Buddha said: “Do not answer evil for evil, otherwise evil will not end.” In response to the offense, kiss your enemy, and it will become much more painful. “

Until we respond evil to evil, the world will be evil. Until we say how bad the world is, it will be bad. Until we take and do something, the world will remain as it is.

Do you know the principle of boomerang? When you launch it, it flies back to you, flying round the circle. You did evil in the beginning of the day, at the end – it

will return to you again. In this case, this evil will cover a few more people. Like a domino: push one, others will fall next.

When you do evil, it flies around and comes back to you. And so without end. Can try to do good, eh?

An example is elementary. You leave in the morning from home, and then you accidentally poured water from a puddle bicyclist. What does an average resident of the world usually do? He yells at the bicyclist. And you try to smile and laugh at this situation! Say, “Oh, I’ve always dreamed of coming to work with such a spot! Ahaha. Yes, it’s okay, young man! Everything is fixable.” This poor cyclist in response to such a positive will be very confused. And then he will want to do good too. He will go down the street and see, for example, a helpless granny and help her to bring the food home. And she, in turn, the mood for the whole day will rise!

There is only one way to make the world better and kinder – not to respond evil to evil. Learn to see the positive side in everything that would not happen to you! Do this exercise every day. It’s simple!

“… If you want to change the world, start from the city, if you want to change the city, start from the street, if you want to change the street, start from home, if you want to change the house, change the family, if you want to change the family, start with yourself!” And then, if everyone changes himself, we will change the world together. And this small action from everyone will grow into a huge ball and roll around the world. I start.

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“How to make the world a better place”