My favorite animal

My favorite animal is the dog Palma. She appeared with us like this. One evening, my friends and I played hide and seek on our street and did not notice how the unknown dog got to us. When the time came to disperse, it became a pity to throw a new friend on the street. I love animals and have long wanted a dog, so I took the dog to myself.

A pet was named Palma. Since then, we are inseparable. This is a slender dog of medium height. She has smart eyes, pleasant manners.

Wool at Palma is brown, with black specks. Palma likes to be stroked, praised and played in different games. Does not like to be put on a chain. Palm’s favorite dish is bones and meat. With the advent of Talma, it became more interesting to live, every day something new happens.

One day a kitten came running into our yard. Palma became friends with him, allowed to eat from her bowl, to sleep in a kennel. It was funny to see how a cat and a dog are friends! Unfortunately, now the kitten is gone.

And our Palma is still with us. My Palm is the best, most intelligent and kind dog. I love her so much.

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My favorite animal