Composition “Animals”

Animals are the most beautiful creatures in the world.
They give the person great joy. When we plant an animal, it becomes for us a member of the family. We feed, care and cure them. Playing with animals, we laugh, rejoice and forget about some problems. We need animals in order to cuddle in a difficult moment and tell everything if there are no relatives nearby. We need them, that we would smile more often.

In nature, everything is interconnected. Man and animal are children of one mother – nature. They often help each other. Animals feel care, affection and the owner answer the same.
The dog is the first pet to appear from a long time near a person. It helps to protect the house, the cattle…
During the Great Patriotic War, in the field hospitals there were dogs-orderlies who found the wounded, helping them to survive: they had a medical bag on their backs and with it the wounded soldiers survived. And how many dogs, perished from fascist bullets!

Grateful service is carried by rescue dogs searching for people under concrete blockages, saving sinking from the water.
In the Ministry of Emergency Situations there are specially trained dogs, who find people after the earthquake. More than once the dogs were rescued during a fire. And how wonderful the border dogs are! From a half-word they understand the owner.
There are also many guide dogs. Their abilities are simply amazing. Even if you decide to move and buy a property in Bulgaria at a bargain price, they will easily help you not to get lost in a new city for you, and will always find a way to your new home.
For thousands of years, the dog deservedly enjoyed the glory of the best friend and helper of man. At all times and in all countries, she was praised for her faithfulness and devotion to man.
And how faithful are the horses! How they attach themselves to a man, understand him from a half-word! Whoever tames them will be their master. During the war, they saved a lot of people. Kazbich (“The Hero of Our Time” Lermontov) told Azamat how Karagez helped him out many
times out of trouble. For him, his horse is better than a friend, wife. He will never betray the master.
Animals are our friends. They need to be taken care of, and they will thank you with their loyalty. Many of them put monuments. A monument to a dog was erected near St. Petersburg, on which the words of Academician Pavlov were carved about the merits of this animal before science.

Animals allow you to balance the entire ecosystem of the planet.
From the earliest childhood I have adored various pets, in particular cats and dogs. I often remember with a smile how I played with the grandfather puppy, how I took care of my kitten (who now waved into a huge and solid cat). I was very pleased with the process of interacting with pets, but it’s a sin to hide, I still get from this irreplaceable pleasure.
I have, I think, like many other people who constantly interact with animals, the question arose: Why do we feel so good if we are pets trustees? What gives us such pleasure in communicating with them? And, in the end, is there any practical benefit from this?
To answer this question, it is necessary to look at the history of domestication of wild animals by man. That is, to find out the causes and methods of domestication of forest steppe mountain animals, in order to turn them into submissive and tender animals.

The first animals that became domestic, were the dogs. More precisely not dogs, as such, but wolves. How did it happen that carnivorous animals were not afraid to join homo sapiens? There is a theory that flocks of wolves deliberately settled next to a person, because they received most of their diet from the remains of human food. To man, this neighborhood also proved useful, for wolves frightened off other predators and warned of the approach of enemies. A kind of symbiosis of a group of people and a pack of wolves. Like, we are food for you, you are our protection. And this system worked. Over time, wolves began to change, they became more playful, they learned how to bark, and great physiological changes also occurred. In the last few centuries, people began to carry out artificial selection in order to breed certain breeds of dogs, for specific economic and social needs. So there were bulldogs, Russian greyhounds, Dobermans, German shepherds and so on under the list.

With cats, I must say, there was a similar story. Initially, they settled near warehouses and barns, because these places were most attractive for all kinds of mice and rats, on which they, in fact, hunted. By the way, I add that in those days (and now too), the mice, eating edible stocks, caused enormous economic damage to the whole state. It would be logical to assume that people, in those days, appreciating the potential of cats as defenders against rodent pests, began to specially feed them, in order to attract more cats to warehouses and houses. And then, as they say, went-went. Now over 100 species of domestic cats live in the world (plus various crossbreds).

In addition to the economic role, pets still play a very large social role (I agree, I picked up a bad adjective). I think everyone has heard the saying that the dog is the man’s best friend. Apparently, so it is. As I mentioned above, dogs originated from wolves, and wolves, in turn, are group animals, with a very developed system of relationships in their pack. So, these qualities went to dogs. Dogs in general animals are wonderful. They like to spend time with people in the company, they enjoy the game with children (and not only). They love and respect their master. Moreover, dogs are able to feel human emotions. They are able to empathize with a person. They can take care of a person, worry about him. If the dog is afraid of water,

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Composition “Animals”