“My favorite animal is a parrot” composition

“My favorite animal is a parrot” composition

Parrots are wonderful and interesting birds. They are sociable and cheerful. The appearance of parrots immediately shows that they are brought to us from the rainforests – in their bright plumage you can find all the colors of the rainbow.

We have a wavy parrot Kesha. He is still young, but he always wants to be in the spotlight. Kesha likes to be watched, talked, comments on his actions. So he himself remembers many words and, left alone, praises himself in every way: “Kesha good”, “Umnichka”, “Kesha – a wonderful bird.” But in fact he does not boast, but simply repeats our words. There are parrots that have such a large vocabulary that they themselves know how to make sentences.

Kesha is very friendly and sociable bird. If we

pay little attention to him, he starts talking to his reflection in the mirror. It’s very funny to watch Kesha tap on the mirror with his beak, run from place to place and, raising his tuft and spreading out the wings, proves something to himself.

Kesha is a curious parrot. He must necessarily be aware of all the events in the kitchen and know who is doing what. If I cook breakfast and cut something on a cutting board, Kesha will certainly steal a piece. Once he flew into the soup, which was warmed in the pot by the mother. It’s good that the soup did not have time to heat up!

Kesha is very clean. He regularly cleans his beak and feathers.

In the summer parrots molt. There is a period when old feathers have already fallen out of them, and all new ones have not yet grown, then Kesha looks very funny, as if his place was patted by a cat.

Kesha knows all members of the family well and is not afraid of us at all. He likes to sit on his shoulder or on his head and watch what people are busy around. Kesha treats strangers with disdain and never flies close to the person he sees for the first time.

Watching Kesha during the day, I learned a lot of interesting things about the habits of birds, about their behavior in captivity. When I grow up, I would like to study the life of birds in natural conditions.

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“My favorite animal is a parrot” composition