The right profession

There are many necessary professions in the world. One such profession, without which mankind can not live, is the driver. That’s really without whom we really can not do! It is they, the people behind the “steering wheel”, who are transported every day by millions of people in buses and trolleybuses, relocate thousands of tons of useful goods along the roads of the country.

To become a high-class driver, it is not enough to get a driver’s license – you need to have a number of qualities. Of those that must be inherent in the driver, you can name such as care, caution, patience, the ability to resist fatigue, love and respect for your car.

Especially I’m attracted to the profession of a long-distance driver. First of all, of course, your romance of distant roads: you will see so much in long voyages, you will meet so many different people! How nice to sit behind the wheel of a huge truck, like a tank, to enjoy its power and speed! And the enjoyment of a good road, even ribbon running away from you somewhere in the distance! What can be compared with this feeling?

How pleasant it is to realize your usefulness for society, to bring honestly earned money into the family!

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The right profession