My Favorite Profession

Everyone in the school years is thinking about his future. About who he will become. Choosing a profession is not an easy task. There are many different professions in the world. They are engineers and doctors, cooks and waiters, builders and sellers. All of them are very necessary for people, each is important in its own way.

But there is one more profession, without which no one can do without in the life. This, of course, is a teacher! And most of all I like this profession. Teachers are the main guides to life. After all, the school is our second home, and the class is our second family.

When I was smaller, I often played in school. Sold out all my toys in front of me, I gave them notebooks, pens and pencils. And she was their teacher and dictated what to write down. In my hands there was always a pointer, and on the shoulders of my mother’s tippet (for importance). She often arranged dictations for parents and asked them to make mistakes on purpose. I liked to correct them, put marks and sign.

A teacher is a very difficult profession. He should be kind, fair, enduring. I must give my students all my knowledge. Teacher teaches us not only to count, read and write. Not only determine the case of nouns and insert missed letters. He teaches us courtesy, mutual respect, kindness, justice and honesty. Teaches to become a man! This is very laborious work and requires constant effort and perseverance. Not everyone can become a good teacher. Only those who love children will achieve success and respect. Of course, each of us has a teacher who will support in a difficult moment, understand and help to believe in their strength.

I dream of becoming such a teacher! And I will always strive for this!

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My Favorite Profession