Composition on the topic “Profession – educator”

What does it mean to be a teacher? For me, my profession is an opportunity to be constantly in the world of childhood, in a world of fairy tales and fantasies. Particularly aware of the importance of the profession of the educator, when you see the children’s eyes open to meet them; eyes, greedily catching every word of mine, my gaze and gesture. Looking at these children’s eyes, you realize that you need them, that it is you who plant the shoots of future characters.

I consider the profession of a teacher to be the best for a woman. After all, the main quality of a woman is motherhood. And in a motherly way I try to surround the children with care, caress and attention. In response from children I get a new charge of positive, creative work, a lot of positive emotions.

And I am a creator! Not for nothing because children are called “flowers of life.” The work of a teacher can be compared with the work of a gardener. One plant loves the light of

the sun, the other a cool shadow; one loves the shore of the stream, the other – the dried up mountain top. Everyone needs a special, only appropriate care for him, otherwise he will not achieve perfection in his development. So in my work, every child needs love, understanding of his personality. It’s only in love that the uniqueness of every child is revealed, and its image is revealed.

Undoubtedly, the teacher’s work is hard – it is not easy to be a model for imitation, an adviser, a judge, a mentor. Next to me, children, children are different: daring, restless, shy and timid, “silent” and “talkers.” What can I give them? First of all – love! And I love them as they are.

I realized that we must learn to perceive the best that there is in children, helping them to see it best in themselves. I watch them and see what “raisins” are hidden while inside each. Agree, as it is important, not to leave unclaimed none of the talents: the ability to meditate, to singing or dancing, to physical exercises or communication with others.

Being a teacher

in modern conditions is difficult and responsible, because we need not only comprehensive knowledge, experience, but also great patience, constantly being in creative search, to bring something new into the work. With great interest I constantly study new technologies in the field of education, I am interested in modern methods of education, everything new is interesting for me, it helps me ignite the spark of interest in the eyes of my pupils to knowledge, creativity, and the realization of the joy of communication.

Our profession is necessary and gives the society of children prepared for further life, self-confident, willing to learn further. I am proud that I am involved in the formation of personality, helping parents in the adaptation of children to further life in modern society.

And it is important to remember the eternal commandment: do no harm. After all, the child’s soul is not a rocky soil, but a flower, which must be helped to open up. And, moreover, it is necessary to teach your pupils to go through difficult roads of knowledge, not to wait for ready solutions, but to seek and find knowledge themselves. That’s why our task is not just to fill the vessel with ready-made knowledge, but to instill a craving for self-knowledge.

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Composition on the topic “Profession – educator”