“My profession is an economist” composition

The choice of the future profession is a serious decision, which should be based not only on personal preferences, but also on the opportunities and relevance of this profession in society.

In my opinion, an economist is a profession that takes into account both my inclinations and the public situation. The matter is that I consider economic activity connected not only with money, but also with an economy, and the most simple, house.

An economist is a profession of a wide field. You should be able to conduct everyday business affairs with a verified calculation, with a firm view of the momentary situation and the future development of your situation. You need to be pragmatic, prudent and have an analytical mind.

A large role this profession plays in enterprises of different perspectives, which are somehow connected with profit (and now they constitute the vast majority). Here you need to be a highly qualified specialist to skillfully analyze the activities of the

organization as a whole and develop with extreme accuracy and caution the scheme of action for the future. Getting profit is the main goal of the enterprise, and it will not be achieved if there are no specific tasks: where to save money, where to increase expenses, where to keep reserves, and where to risk. For the prosperity of any company, an expert in the economic sphere is simply necessary.

Moreover, as an economist you can work not only at a certain enterprise, but also provide your services as an independent compiler of business plans for a variety of organizations or as a successful professional player in financial markets. Also, the economist will be very useful in the civil service, since he can solve a variety of economic domestic problems and adjust the international situation. After all, it is widely known today that the economic interest of each state influences the ecological and political situation of all countries and the world as a whole. Therefore, it is important to be able to correctly predict the actions of other countries, so that they do not interfere with the harmonious development of your fatherland.

Thus, I believe that the profession of economist is very promising, in demand, and, what is very important, corresponds to my personal qualities. And I sincerely hope to contribute to the economic and general prosperity of my country.

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“My profession is an economist” composition