Composition on the topic of the profession

After graduating from school, a person should make the most responsible step in his life – choose a profession. A profession is a deliberately chosen channel in which you will invest a lot of energy and time. It is very important that the abilities and character traits correspond to your type of activity. There is an interesting saying: “Find what you like to do, and do not work all your life.” It follows from him that work, profession and vocation should be the same, otherwise, none of them will bring neither joy nor material prosperity.

What do I want from my future profession? Of course, that it was creative and developing, so that in the process of work I would communicate with many interesting people and, possibly, traveled to other cities. Secondly, I must have some knowledge and abilities to be the best in the chosen profession. Thirdly, what I will do should benefit society, not just me. And, finally, my future profession should like me, so that I do

not wake up every day with the thought: “Again to work, when will there be a vacation.”

I understand that in 17 years to make such a choice is very difficult, so now you can only guess and make plans. I really like the profession of an architect who designs projects for future buildings, first creates small layouts, and then transfers the idea to reality. Of course, this profession requires a large base of knowledge and skills, so before its first project is done, there is a lot to learn and try.

The work of the architect combines creativity, rationality, knowledge, and constant development. After all, if you do not again and again learn, learn new methods of construction and other subtleties of the profession, you can “stuck” in the past and stay in place for a long time.

Another very important advantage of this type of activity is utility and significance for society. Literally, you can influence the appearance of the city in which you live, make your yard, street, district the way you would like – all this can give the profession of an architect. And what could be better

than giving joy to people who first enter a new building or apartment? I can make buildings comfortable and practical and, at the same time, beautiful and pleasing to the eye. But before the implementation of these plans, I have several years to study at the institute, to spoil the mountains of paper for drawings and the kilograms of cardboard for mock-ups.

If, for some reason, the profession of an architect remains a dream for me, I will try myself in other areas. For example, in the economy. A successful work of an enterprise or the whole city depends on the economist. There are many different interesting professions, but what kind of work I would have to start from the very beginning, comprehending everything from the very smallest details. The main thing is to approach the task positively and boldly go to the goal, not being frightened of problems and obstacles. Then the work will bring joy, self-affirmation and a good salary.

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Composition on the topic of the profession