The composition “The profession of my dreams”

Every person dreams of being happy and is looking for his way in life, because much depends on this choice. To date, there are many professions, and every schoolboy faces a difficult choice, deciding which activities to link his life, where to study and where to go to work. When a person finds his calling, life turns into a fascinating process that promotes complete dedication and productivity. The situation is completely different with those people for whom work has become a heavy burden, plunging days into a gray routine that directly affects their lives.

From all this follows. choosing a profession is a huge responsibility that affects not only the life of a particular person, but also the economic development of our country. After much reflection on the choice of profession, I decided that the profession of “cutter” is right for me. As a child, I loved drawing and sewing clothes for dolls, my hobby became the determining factor in choosing a profession. Recently,

girls have almost disappeared interest in needlework, sewing. It’s a pity! It is so wonderful and interesting to sew beautiful, comfortable and modern clothes for people. And this clothes will be individual, special, if you sew it to the master, because it is sewn to order in a single copy. Therefore, I really want to become a cutter, for this I went to college. Here I get a tailor profession, a tailor. This profession benefits not only the surrounding, but me, because at home I can sew for myself and my family. The tailor’s work is difficult, requires diligence and patience.

Time has made adjustments: cars have greatly facilitated the work of tailors, but patience and diligence, as before, are very necessary. If a person who chooses a tailor’s profession has these qualities, then work for him becomes joy. The meaning of the tailor’s profession, like many other professions in the service sector, really is to bring people joy. I am very proud that I can make a man a little happier. It’s nice to see a beautifully and tastefully dressed man, his happy face and realize his involvement

in this. Deep moral satisfaction is experienced by a tailor when he sees that the dress or suit sewn to him pleases the customer with clear and harmonious lines, the rigidity of the silhouette, the elegance of the finish.

To become a master cutter, you need to learn a lot: to master various tools and technical devices, to create patterns, to understand them, to imagine what a finished product will look like. You need to be able to hide the shortcomings of the figure of your customers with the help of clothes. It is this skill that makes the cutter popular. For the sake of this I want to work even better, to fantasize, to seek. The tailor must have certain personal qualities – it is assiduity, attention, artistic taste, spatial imagination, good eyesight, good coordination of hand movements. I was convinced that my mentors possess all these qualities: the teacher of special disciplines Kashitsyna Tatyana Vyacheslavovna and the master of industrial training Korovina Olga Vladimirovna. Once upon a time, they graduated from vocational school No. 9 by profession as a tailor,

I understand that the employer needs a master of his craft, so you need to study, because science and technology is moving forward, and perhaps we will have to learn new technologies, equipment that will surely change in a few years.

The high professional skills of the tailor, the interest in novelties in tailoring, the love of his profession – all this contributes to the acquisition of credibility, both at work and among close and familiar people. And what could be better than a sense of its usefulness and need for people!

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The composition “The profession of my dreams”