“My future profession is a builder” composition

When I think about my future profession, in the first I’m interested in its usefulness and practicality. There are many professions that are in fashion today, which everyone dreams about. For example, an economist, a lawyer, a journalist, an advertiser, a manager.

But a fashionable profession is not always so necessary in society, as graduates of schools think. Then, for example, it’s hard to find a job with hundreds of people like you. So in choosing my specialty, I will not look at fashion and advertising. I want to become a builder.

Why did I make such a choice? The profession of a builder is a real man’s profession. It is very interesting and requires high qualification. She is responsible and highly paid, because it is very in demand. Skillful builders are always necessary, because, if you do not want to, you need to build new buildings. Old houses are destroyed with time. Even in order to reconstruct an old building, the work of builders is needed:

engineers, superintendents, skilled workers.

The cities will not do without new high-rise buildings, office buildings, shopping centers. I would like to build different buildings. For example, business centers or exhibition halls of super-modern architecture. I saw similar buildings in the photo on the Internet and in magazines. I would also like to put my hand to creating comfortable and spacious houses, apartments for people. So that no one lives in cramped and inconvenient.

You can build another theater in the old style. Such that it was impossible to distinguish it from the masterpieces of world architecture. Or a unique bridge across the river, both across the Dnieper and the Volga. And I do not even say that good builders are very necessary, when a new factory or factory is being created somewhere. It’s not enough to come up with new technologies, people are still needed who will implement them. And these people are builders.

From the labor of the builder there is always practical benefit. I chose the profession of a builder, because I want to see the real result of my work. And I want to see that people need this result, that they are happy with the beauty and comfort of the buildings that I built.

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“My future profession is a builder” composition