“Profession translator” essay

So the time has come when I must precisely define the choice of my future profession. However, with a huge number of choices and opportunities offered to me, it’s not so easy to do.

My mother insists that I enter a medical institute. And after the training, she became like my grandmother as a therapist.

My father believes that the best thing for me is a profession related to numbers. And more specifically, he suggests that I become an accountant in a private firm or a government institution. My father’s opinion about my abilities to bookkeeping calculations was due to the fact that I very often get quite high balls in algebra, geometry and physics.

However, it was not only my school assessments that led my father to such a decision. Most of all he was convinced that sometimes I help him to beat some figures in the reports he needs on work.

But, despite the opinion of my parents, I want to master an entirely different profession than they for me

prophesy. I believe that the classes offered by my mother and my father will not give me the life opportunities that I dream of.

After all, one of the requirements for my future profession is that thanks to it I will travel or fly to the countries of Europe, Asia or America. And these trips should be held constantly, as an integral part of my work.

Having studied many professions that meet my requirements, I agreed that after finishing the eleventh grade, I would enter the language department and become an interpreter.

This profession will allow me to visit many countries. Met with a lot of people. Acquire acquaintances in the educated strata of society. And the most important thing is that I can visit those places of the globe that I manage to see only in movies, the Internet or in pictures of magazines.

After all, people accompanied by an interpreter, sooner or later, visit museums, theaters, exhibitions or amusement parks. And this means that they and there will need a person who understands the language of the host country.

Over time, I expect to explore the sights of some countries

and become a guide accompanying groups of tourists. This will allow me not only to accompany people directly from Russia, but also conducting excursions, to reside in the territory of the country where I will work.

Of course, the work of an interpreter does not always close on the tourist business. Sometimes it is due to fairly strict parameters in the translation of business meetings and visits to strict receptions. But in this case too I find a lot of prospects for myself. After all, these are meetings of business people, and such meetings have always interested me.

It seems to me that the work of an interpreter is one of the best professions that only exist on the globe.

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“Profession translator” essay