Composition on the topic “Choice of profession”

The question of choosing a profession is one of the most important issues in life. It depends on him what you will be doing during your life, your future, no doubt, a profession must necessarily be liked by a person and be his calling.

I want to become a designer, I believe that this profession requires artistic abilities, non-standard thinking, creative abilities, developed imagination and imaginative thinking. Fortunately, all this I have. In this profession I will be able to show my individuality and creativity. The profession of the designer is very extensive, you can create clothes, do house designs, create furniture and much more.

Since early childhood, adults have noted that I am very attentive and notice the little things, I think it’s important for the designer. I want to impress the world with my bright and constructive ideas. I want to brighten up our dull world with bright colors. I plan to make an exhibition of my unusual products and conquer their viewers.

I also plan to design new furniture for schools to attract students and make the learning process more comfortable and entertaining, especially for junior classes. I want to leave a part of myself in these products.

Without the profession of a designer, our life would be boring, imagine that we would be surrounded by identical buildings and people dressed in the same type of clothes, all this would cease to occupy our attention, attract us. Everything would be the same type and simple, soon it would all bore us, and designers bring a piece of joy to our world, create the fruits that our eyes eat, often they combine not combined and hitting us.

All professions are very important, some require mathematical abilities, others – creative abilities, and still others – physical development. People of some professions save lives, others create works of art, and both are very important for modern society. There are no bad or good professions, there are professions that you like or not, when choosing a profession, you need to be motivated by your knowledge, abilities and interests, then you will find a suitable profession for yourself. I made my choice, do it and you!

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Composition on the topic “Choice of profession”