“My future profession is an auto mechanic” composition

One way or another, a profession should be chosen. But when is it done? What is it, my future profession? After all, at different times, before this choice is to be made, we wish for different things. In early childhood, many wanted to have a profession that would make them people’s heroes. No more and no less. These are, of course, boys. And the girls would like to be ballerinas or skaters.

Something like that. But definitely famous! But not many people become heroes and world famous. And the future profession has to be chosen by everyone. So what to choose?

I have chosen for myself now that I will have a work profession. Many now seek higher education. But not everyone can then find a job in their specialty. Having studied for five or more years, many, unfortunately, are forced not to use the knowledge that they received during their studies. And they have to work where they have to. Maybe their work seems boring to them. At the same time, as one influential politician

said: “In view of the fact that we have focused the whole generation on higher education, we lack the elementary professionals in the field of services.”

So I decided to get a profession of an auto mechanic. Than not.

A wonderful profession in the field of service? This is indeed so. Cars are in demand everywhere. And at work, and at home. Many seek to obtain driver’s licenses. Many people want to have a personal car. But not everyone knows how to properly take care of his iron horse. Not everyone can fix a malfunction or a malfunction in it. How can I do without a qualified mechanic?

I am already striving to make this profession a reality for me. I like to read books about cars. I already understand many things. I even tried to do something with my dad when he himself repaired his car! I can find a hole in the pierced cell. I can lift the car myself with a jack and change the wheel. This, of course, is the simplest thing. But I hope during the training at the Lyceum, I will be able to master everything that is required from the auto mechanic.

I like this future profession very much. In addition to basic training in technical subjects at the Lyceum, I can also get a driving license. This profession will not only help me, if you suddenly need to repair a personal car. It is really useful for many. I can so help people. I hope that the auto mechanic is my future profession.

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“My future profession is an auto mechanic” composition