Profession of the doctor

My future profession is a doctor. I decided this way for a long time. As a child, I wanted to help everyone who was ill and hurt. I fumbled with homeless sick kittens and puppies, treated a dove, which had a broken wing. My friends were amazed that I was not bored with all this. And I was very fond of messing with sick little animals and never bothered. And now I know exactly what I want to devote my life to.

The doctor is the most humane profession on earth. He relieves people of suffering, although sometimes for this he must first hurt them. Thus the doctor should be very kind person, feel another’s pain. Only then he can do no harm to the patient. But he will need to learn and be strong, strong spirit, seeing the suffering of others. Otherwise, all the strength he has will go into the experience, and he will not be able to help people really.

There is still such a thing as a medical secret. People go to the doctor when they are ill, hard, hurt, they come to him,

like a pastor with his grief and misfortune. And he, as a priest at confession, must listen, understand, help and keep someone else’s secret in himself. This requires the oath of the doctor, which he gives at the beginning of his work path and whose faith he must remain his whole life.

The doctor must be ready for self-sacrifice. On the first call, he must come to the aid of people day and night, in the rain and in snowstorm, during terrorist attacks and natural disasters. The real doctors gave their blood, the last gulp of water, shielded their bodies from those wounded by bullets and fragments, themselves contracted deadly diseases, saving people during epidemics.

This profession requires courage, the need to make the only right decision on which human life depends.

The doctor does not have the right to make a mistake. If the mistakes of the seller or tailor can be corrected, then the wrong diagnosis, the surgeon’s trembling hand, even simple indifference to the patient, can break off someone’s life. But what kind of happiness, what a great mission – the first to learn about the birth of a new life, or to tell the mother: “The operation was successful, your son will live.”

Probably, for the sake of this moment and it is worth a lot to study and work to devote yourself to the best profession in the world – to be a doctor.

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Profession of the doctor