“Profession programmer” composition

Recently, I got an essay by a student on “My future profession”. He wrote about the profession of a programmer. All the same, the author has a rather vague idea of ​​what this profession really is, but it’s still nice that he wants to become a programmer and is ready to study for it.

Before each person, sooner or later there is a choice – who to become? And now I also had this question. I’ve been thinking for a very long time of what I become, because there are many important professions in the world. For example, a doctor is a very important profession, because without these people we could not improve ourselves; seamstress, without her, we would walk in ugly clothes, if she ever had us; confectioners, without which we would not have bread and other pastries; military, in my opinion, almost the most important profession, because without it no one would be protected. But now – the 21st century, and I chose a profession that corresponds to

this century – a programmer.

The person who chose this profession should know a lot about computers and computer technologies. I chose it because it fits me according to the characteristics that, in my opinion, my profession should match. First, in our time, good earnings are one of the main criteria for choosing a profession, and the earnings of a programmer, even if he is unemployed, will be good and constant, since almost every family has a computer, and, consequently, many of them will have malfunctions, which they themselves will not eliminate. Secondly, I really like this work, and I am ready to learn everything that is connected with it. These were the “pluses” of this profession, but there are also “minuses”. A person, if he is a programmer, has to sit at the computer for a lot, since it is harmful. To me, since I chose this profession, will have to learn a lot about computers, because in school very little is taught the subject of computer science. But I do not know much about programs, I also want to learn how to disassemble and repair computers, be able to change details.

To become a programmer, I need to finish my school well and go to university. Therefore, I began to pay more attention to studying and try to get the certificate as best as possible. I will do my best to become a programmer.

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“Profession programmer” composition