Composition about the profession

In childhood we dreamed of becoming pilots, cosmonauts, firefighters, doctors, teachers and. librarians. And now a difficult choice in the profession, pretty, simple in the ranking of popular professions of economists, lawyers, psychologists, singers and singers. And yet, every schoolboy sooner or later will think: “What is my future profession”, and society will help to draw a conclusion to it, and if it is even better, it will help to make a step in life.

The well-known poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky “Who to be?”, Written in 1928, has not lost its relevance to this day. Everyone is asked the choice of the future profession. Someone before the school decides to become a sailor or surgeon and then purposefully goes to his dream. And someone is tormented by doubts at the age of 18. And here the main thing in time to remember the wisdom, uttered by the classic: “All works are good, choose to taste!”

The future profession should bring joy. To go to work, not to feel a burden, you need to love the business that fell out to do. In the 21st century, professions connected with economics, jurisprudence, and public and political activities are very popular. However, do not break yourself and strive to become a banker or judge, if the desire to race in the boundless expanses of our country in the driver’s cab is burning in the shower.

Often it happens that the profession chooses a person. Typically, this is due to the disclosure of talent. Artists, writers, musicians, actors make up the creative elite at the behest of the heart. After all, you can not teach how to create masterpieces – they are born by themselves, and people just give them the right shape.

“Everyone needs work the same way,” says “What is to be?”, So respect and appreciate your choice!

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Composition about the profession