“Profession builder” essay

The world is a big building. Every day somewhere one building is demolished and another is being built. It takes much less time to demolish the building than to build it. Therefore, there is such a profession as a builder.

Construction is one of the oldest occupations of man. To ancient people, if there were no caves nearby, we had to build small huts to wait for the cold night, hide from insects or predators. Later, people began to show creativity in construction. So in ancient Egypt, people without equipment, thanks to the labor force alone, huge expenses, knowledge and skills of Egyptian architects and builders were able to build colossal structures that have survived to this day. Skill builders can also confirm that they sometimes have to work without insurance. Remember at least a photograph of the construction of the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, when workers at a giant height quietly enjoy a lunch break. And it’s not just whether the production is a photo or not,

Unfortunately, in our time everyone is chasing super profits and forget about norms and standards, handing over buildings in a short time, referring to new methods of construction. And everything would be fine, but only such buildings are still without tenants, but they already require major repairs or demolitions.

But no matter how many years have passed, there will always be such builders who perform their work qualitatively, observing not the basic laws of geometry, which Russian builders very often do not do, but also norms and standards. And such workers will be in the first place, their work will always be needed, and without work they will never remain. Such people are proud to be called builders.

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“Profession builder” essay