Composition on the profession of a lawyer

Now the question of what my future profession will be, seems to me very important and requiring an exact answer. After all, the sooner you decide who will work, what your calling is, the easier it will be to achieve success in this business.

As for me, I very often notice how easily I can resolve conflicts between different people and companies, getting into the heart of their dispute or problems. I like to lay out different ways of solving the problem, apply to any set of rules or norms of behavior. In addition, I have a strong interest in the legal status of our society, the legal structure of the state. It gives me pleasure to compare the effects of different laws, to study their “capacity” and effectiveness. And that’s why I think that the profession of a lawyer will suit me.

In addition, in today’s world, with its numerous problems, individual, group, state and international disputes, highly specialized personnel are urgently needed to solve

them. And I know perfectly well that there are a lot of lawyers now, but this is just the name “lawyers”. In fact, those people who fully understand their profession, honor it as a vocation, try to penetrate deeply into the depth of the situation and help the world, very little. It seems to me that especially in our state, during its difficult transition period, such lawyers are necessary. Moreover, given the crisis situation all over the world, which is very sensitive to our country, the professionals of this business seem to be real saviors. After all, a lawyer is not just a judge or a lawyer, he is also an excellent diplomat, as well as a professional in everyday legal issues,

I am attracted to this profession by the fact that it is taught in all universities and colleges of our country and abroad, so the choice will be extensive and so useful. And after training, having proved at various conferences and seminars, it will be possible to successfully start an internship in the best state institutions of the country and the world.

Thus, the vocation of a lawyer seems to me personally the most important and necessary in my life and the life of all other people, because the common dream is to live in a friendly and, of course, a legal society.

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Composition on the profession of a lawyer