“My future profession is a cook” composition

About that, then people need many professions, they know, of course, everything. But still, anyone you ask, they say they want to become teachers, doctors, managers, designers, lawyers. For some reason no one wants to work as a nurse, fitter or seamstress. As if you can do without such specialists. But I like the profession of the cook.

A cook is, of course, not a scientist or an artist, but he must be well versed in many things and be a creative person. You need to know which products are combined and which ones are not. It is necessary to remember the technology of their preparation. And still it is necessary to be able to serve a dish beautifully, after all the food should be not only tasty and useful, but also aesthetic. Even a delicious dish served with an untidy heap in some ugly bowl will not arouse anybody’s appetite. Therefore, the cook should have a good artistic taste, be a truly creative person.

Of course, many hide it, but in fact many people like to eat deliciously. They can not always afford it, being afraid to get excess weight or to spoil the stomach.

Therefore, the cook should know how to cook a delicious dish so that it is not harmful. And for this he must understand dietetics and even in medicine. A good cook is familiar with many cuisines of the world and with their peculiarities, can cook both Italian, French, and Georgian dishes, and not just Russian.

All this proves that the cook is not only necessary, but also very interesting profession.

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“My future profession is a cook” composition