Composition “My profession is a lawyer”

The profession of a lawyer is a profession that inspires!

Every person is on the verge of choosing the path of life. It depends on this choice whether a person will be happy. Which profession to choose? What to do?

Many of us choose the most popular and prestigious professions. One such, in my opinion, is the profession of a lawyer.

In my opinion, the main goal of a lawyer is to preserve law and order.

There are not so many specialties in the world, so responsible, respected and honorable, and at the same time as complex as a lawyer.

It is from the employees of the legal industry that impeccable implementation of laws depends, and, consequently, the existence and legal functioning of the state.

Each lawyer should be prepared to respond correctly and in a timely manner to the needs of society, to own methods and methods of work with changing legislation, extensive documentation, published literature.

A lawyer should not only help people

with legal advice, but also know the ways out of certain situations and circumstances.

Jurisprudence is one of those sciences that is comprehended throughout life. As the legislation is constantly changing and supplementing, a lawyer should be able to quickly find and remember the nuances of legal norms in order to be able to operate on the received knowledge. The main thing is to have a true calling and be ready for a long and hard work.

I chose my life’s path! My path is jurisprudence.

My future profession inspires me. Every day in an educational institution for me, like a holiday. Every day I supplement my knowledge in this field: I study laws, statutes, reason, think – it’s so cool and wonderful!

Recently, after watching the Russian TV series “Escape”, was delighted with the way lawyers looked for clues, risked their lives for the sake of truth and justice. I believe such people are worthy of praise!

Based on the foregoing, I concluded for myself that lawyers are people who have chosen a thorny path for themselves not for money, not for the sake of position,

but for the sake of those people whose lives they are called to protect. These words are not an exaggeration, because in our state, as in many others, a person is threatened by criminal elements. And that’s why a lawyer takes upon himself the responsibility to protect such people, despite the fact that people who demand protection have different social status. But there are people who do not have material means, and they can not pay for the services of a lawyer. Perseverance, assertiveness, ability to persuade – these are the qualities that also help to become a good lawyer.

I’m already a fourth-year student, and never, the profession I chose did not disappoint me, but, on the contrary, every day she is more and more interesting to me. In the future, I plan not to stop at what has been achieved, but to enter a higher educational institution. And, of course, work in your favorite sphere, be an example, protect the rights and freedom of citizens.

Each of us is not just a citizen of his state, but also a creator of History. Making meaningful actions, doing everyday work, we become participants in important historical events.

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Composition “My profession is a lawyer”