Composition “Profession – journalist”

All professions are needed, all professions are important. In our class, many have already decided on their future profession. For this purpose even meetings with representatives of the employment center were organized. They told what specialties are now in high demand on the labor market. The meeting was very interesting and fruitful. Some of our guys once again convinced themselves of the correctness of their choice, someone corrected it in favor of another specialty.

I believe that the profession that I like journalist will always be honorable, relevant and in demand. Regardless of the time, the environment and the political situation in the country and in the world. People need to know what is happening in our country and beyond. From the correct submission of material will depend on its perception. I believe that professionalism is important in any profession. Professionalism for a journalist is literacy, activity, honesty, openness. It is very pleasant to listen to representatives

of this profession when they have a competent speech, information, if the presented topic is interesting to them.

A journalist must always be in the midst of events, however tragic they may be. This is especially true in the light of recent world events. Many thought that after the bloody wars of the twentieth century, it would not occur to our contemporaries to begin such a thing. However, we constantly see evidence from the TV screens proving the opposite. And it was after the recent events that I was once again convinced how dangerous this profession is. Journalists in hot spots have to walk in bullet-proof vests and helmets to save their lives and safety. But even with all the precautions, everything can end tragically.

Despite all the difficulties, I believe that I can become a good journalist, a professional in my field. To achieve my goal, I am intensively studying foreign languages, historical literature, trying to learn the subtleties of the Russian language as much as possible, especially the written and spoken language. Despite the fact that the Russian language is considered one of the

most difficult in the world to study, I like this direction. The thought of dedicating my life to journalism, visited me in the 7th grade. Since then, I have never doubted the correctness of my choice.

For this profession there can be no extra knowledge. You never know what the next story or article will be about. It is possible that my level of training will allow me to travel abroad. This will be a particularly valuable experience and knowledge. I would very much like to see my dream come true. I hope that my work will appeal not only to me, but also to the people for whose sake I will write, to create stories. I will try to present the information as competently as possible, so that it corresponds to reality, not distorted under any pretext. After all, it is for this that true journalists are valued, true professionals of their business, who managed to achieve considerable heights in this area.

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Composition “Profession – journalist”