Composition on Tutunov’s painting “The Winter Has Come.” Childhood “

In the picture “Winter has come,” we see a little boy who is standing by the window pensively. And outside the window there is just an unusual picture, since even last night the whole courtyard of the house was plain-black in color, and today this same yard looks like a snow-white downy kerchief, as snow covered snow covers everything around. White snow swirls in large flakes and a slow and very quiet dance. And the boy stands with such a pensive look, because he probably dreams of New Year’s gifts and that very soon there will come such a long-awaited New Year holiday.

And in the background of this picture on a dense snow shroud barely visible another house.

At last such a long-awaited and beloved by all the winter came… The whole earth became absolutely white as a blank sheet of paper, and on the branches of trees there is a small silver frost. Practically for every person, winter is a magic shine of snow, frosty air and absolute peace of mind.

Also, winter is the boundless ocean of snow-white snow, which quietly crunches under your feet, frosty air, which is simply impossible to breathe.

And for many, for certain, winter is associated with a somewhat tart smell of mandarins, and, of course, a Christmas tree dressed up with old grandmother’s toys that have already adorned the New Year’s beauty for many years, and the modern twinkle of garlands complements the New Year tree. After all, there is really nothing better than New Year’s mood, a festively decorated Christmas tree and a fragrant and somewhat tart smell of tangerines?

Painting by SA Tutunov “Winter has come” clearly shows that winter is the most mysterious and, perhaps, the most beautiful time of the year. This time of the year is adored by absolutely all people, from small to large.

In the winter season each person believes in the fulfillment of his most cherished dream, believes that there will be some pleasant miracle that will be remembered for a long time. And the soul will be warmed by the perfectly spent days of the winter season. And the picture of SA Tutunov helps to believe in this unforeseen miracle, which will leave a warm imprint in the person’s soul for life.

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Composition on Tutunov’s painting “The Winter Has Come.” Childhood “