The composition of Perov’s painting “Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane”

It is peculiar for a person to strive for spirituality, to seek support in him. That’s V. G. Perov, depicting Christ, at the moment when he was both weak and strong at the same time, wanted not only to acquaint himself with a part of the life of the Lord, but also to try to contribute to the spiritual heritage. What kind of plot is shown on the canvas? How do I evaluate the work of the creator?

It is interesting that this night before the public execution of Jesus Christ. It seems that there is such a silence in the garden that the words of the Lord, his prayer and crying, are poured out by a wave. But she can not wake anyone, since the city, seen in the background of the picture, is far away, and the disciples who came with their Master are fast asleep. So strong that the artist decides their images do not represent, as if they are not around. Indeed, they can not be a support for Christ at this time. This is only his burden, which must be conveyed to the end. And now, the end is near. And it became exorbitantly difficult. And not so physical fear makes Jesus feel weak, like an emotional tear. What a painter and tried to portray.

The witness of the sufferings of Christ is only a tender white flower, which Perov presents as a symbol of the purity and timidity of the moment. Most of all I liked how the artist decides to approach the image in the canvas of details in the appearance of the Lord. As if realizing his insignificance before such a person, he does not dare to take the liberty of showing his face. So, for those who want to see in the picture a means of worship, it does not represent a certain value. This is how the great painter approached modestly to his outpouring of soul.

The picture for me personally opened a new facet of spirituality, when not to search for the glory of my name, but in order to give all people at least a little faith and knowledge, a masterpiece is created.

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The composition of Perov’s painting “Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane”