Painting by Roerich “I move among these shadows”

Painting by Roerich “I move among these shadows”

The pictures “I move among these shadows”, “We make our own prisons ourselves”, “You should not see this flame” – consistently develop one of the most burning and still unresolved problems of our civilization.

In the painting “I move among these shadows” the artist depicts a heap of skyscrapers, complex mechanical devices, modernized aircraft. They are inscribed, as an integral part of this self-contained system, three human, more “constructions” than figures. They are slaves of the world of soulless mechanisms created by themselves. The combination of dark blue, purple tones with contrasting red veins, dots, spots create the impression of something very dynamic, but dead, alien to any humanity. The right part of the

canvas is decided by the artist in light, golden colors. Against the backdrop of an ornament of cubes, squares, rectangles and triangles – as if primordial structural particles of matter – the figure of a young woman. The woman stopped before going to the already “involved”, “

The second picture “We build our own prisons” is solved approximately in the same range of dark blue and violet colors, as the right side of the previous canvas. The same broken silhouette of multi-storey buildings on the horizon, only in the foreground is more intense red color. They are filled with fire-breathing gates and windows of the factory building, similar to a monster with glittering eye sockets and open mouth. This artist grasps this grinding world of all-consuming mechanics with the fragile, naked body of a boy, a lump of spiritualized matter. He trustfully follows the mother who takes him away from the gaping jaws and prison grilles erected by the people themselves and enslaved them the world of involuntary existence.

At the end of this cycle, the painting “You must not see this flame,” the artist depicts a catastrophe – the skyscrapers embroiled in flame, the earth’s firmament is lifted up, the sky is burning with fiery tongues. What is it? War? Nuclear explosion? Caused

by someone a cataclysm? The artist does not give a direct answer to this question. Yes, and it is not necessary. It is presupposed by two preceding canvases: everything that violates the natural laws of life, which encroaches on humanity and free creative will, sooner or later ends in self-destruction. However, by no means self-destruction as such, not a proclamation of its inevitability is the main idea of ​​these works of Svyatoslav Roerich. The artist emphasizes his idea of ​​the last painting: “You must not see this flame.” In the foreground on the left side of the canvas two female figures are placed.

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Painting by Roerich “I move among these shadows”