Painting by V. D. Polenov “Moscow Courtyard”

A hot summer day. Blue, as if even faded from the heat of the sky. White, lazily floating on it clouds. And under them – “our ancient capital” Moscow, but not the center, but a quiet, almost rural outskirts.

Slightly dried from the sun, the grass, traversed by trampled paths. One of them leads to a white modest mansion, still ingrown into the ground, but already with a metal roof. Next – a dilapidated wooden structure – not a shed, or a rig. Through the boarded fence breaks the foliage of trees and bushes. Everything is buried in greenery, languor, goodness: Sleepy hens cackle. He is resting, ready to go to work, an obedient horse, which has been harnessed to the cart since morning. Give only a command – and the bell will tingle under the arc, announcing the beginning of the path. On the grass there were white-headed children. The eldest, which is closer to us, carefully examines some sort of epic can, for the first time interested in the world around him.

And only a woman, as always, in the work and care. Either the mother, or the nanny is carrying a full bucket, raising her hand for balance. Someone should work, so that others can rest!

This picture is like a panorama stretched in time and in space. In the foreground are children, the main thing on earth. Behind them – everything worldly, farther and higher – the domes of numerous churches, cathedrals and temples. I can not believe that there were so many of them in Moscow more than 100 years ago.

Such a wonderful harmony between man and nature, life on earth and heaven… It is a pity that all this has gone. And it’s good that it was. Thanks to the artist for saving this piece of history and life for us.

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Painting by V. D. Polenov “Moscow Courtyard”