Painting by V. D. Polenov “Overgrown pond”

Painting by V. D. Polenov “Overgrown pond” is imbued with deep lyricism and a feeling of keen love for the native nature in all its artless beauty.

Who does not know the quiet uninhabited corners of old overgrown parks? Silence and peace are filled with a picture of Polenov. A remarkable artist uses all possible shades of green in the depiction of a deaf, mysterious park. The dark, almost black green of the shady corners turns into a gentle-green range of gilded sunrise tree tops in the distance.

And how puzzling is the pond overgrown with lilies and algae! It seems that in the evenings the fairy mermaids are chosen on the bridge and, having lowered the scaly tails into the water, they wait: will some passer-by get out to the pond from the depths of the park?

The shore of the pond, overgrown with thick soft grass and variegated flowers, is flooded with a bright sun. I want to take off my shoes and go barefoot on it.

In the depths of the park you can see a small light female figure. What kind of girl is this? What memories or reflections brings to her this abandoned corner of the park? Or maybe she is waiting for someone here? What a wonderful place the girl chose for recreation and reflection: everything here breathes peace, and only the elusive splashing of fish and the singing of birds gently intertwine into the sensitive silence of a summer day.

When you look at this beautiful corner of the secular shady park, which V. D. Polenov revealed to us, you feel the harmony of life, man’s love for nature, admiration for its beauty and grandeur.

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Painting by V. D. Polenov “Overgrown pond”