The Painting by Polenov “Christ and the Sinner”

The artist believed that the main purpose of his work was to show people that good, forgiveness of the neighbor and light feelings are the main thing that a person should cherish in himself.

We see in the picture a famous biblical scene. When Christ saw that the crowd wanted to stone the offending woman who had sinned, he interceded for her. He said to the people: “Who among you without sin, let him throw a stone in it.” People have reflected. Each of them had an action in life for which they could be condemned. And the crowd dispersed. The woman was forgiven.

The artist himself first wanted his picture – “Who among you without sin.” But the tsarist censorship did not allow such a name. The picture received that name, under which we know it now – “Christ and the Sinner”.

We’ll take a closer look at the canvas. To the action depicted in the picture, it seemed to the contemporaries of the artist historical, Vasily

Polenov had to work hard. It was the real work of the historian: to find out how people were dressing at that time, what objects surrounded them, what buildings stood around.

In the picture, the main characters are somewhat displaced from the center in different directions. In the center are inquiring citizens. This artist shows that it is to people, he turns his work, they should think about their actions, become kinder and more honest.

The color solution of the picture is somewhat different from what we are accustomed to seeing in the paintings of artists touching biblical subjects. Polenov tried to recreate the tradition of depicting such scenes, he flashed almost the entire central part of the canvas, thus dispelling the attention of the audience. At the same time, he balanced this great light with different color spots in the dark corners of the picture.

This picture in the artist’s work is not the title, and the artist himself admitted that not everything he wanted could be passed on to him. But I like this picture, because it makes us look again and again into our souls and understand whether we are doing everything right in this life.

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The Painting by Polenov “Christ and the Sinner”