Painting by Korzhev “Clouds of 1945”

One of the famous Soviet painters is Geli Mikhailovich Korzhev. Having fallen into the occupation, in wartime, found for himself a so-called harsh style. It includes a dark color palette, sharp contrasts of light and shadows, deep emotionality of the characters. His work “The Clouds of 1945” belongs to the same works.

The picture shows two figures. An old woman and no longer young, but younger than a woman is a man. Apparently, this is her son. A woman is sitting on a bench. She is dressed in a dark long skirt, a white blouse and a black blouse. The head is covered with a dark scarf. On the face there is some kind of sadness and expectation of something. A man sits next to the damp earth and also looks into the distance. Dressed in a simple working suit. A kashket is on his head. One leg is shod in a boot, and the other has not. Instead of a leg, we see a wooden prosthesis. Perhaps he lost it at the front and now sits at home and how everyone expects good news.


bit further, in the field, there is a girl. Her gaze is focused the same way as in the rest. The sun shines directly into her face and from this she closes her hand. Behind the woman and the man is the veil of the house and the trees. The sky is covered with large, but light clouds. Although the day is very sunny and light, the color range is dull and gloomy. The grass is dark green with glimpses of bare earth. The weary faces of people and all their silhouettes bring about some kind of anxiety and experience. The author very accurately depicted their tired and anxious faces. They are not yet so old, but the experience and the future are very much influenced by them.

All the same, while we are glancing at the picture of G. M. Korzhev “The Clouds of 1945”, we are once again convinced that he is a master of the plot and thematic lines in the pictures. With his picture, he told the stories of many people who lived through terrible years. People who could not even imagine that it is so easy to break into and ruin their destinies. The war has passed, and the memory of it will remain forever.

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Painting by Korzhev “Clouds of 1945”