Painting by Polenov “Caesar’s Fun”

The painting was written in 1879 on the canvas is the scene of the execution of a young woman. The Roman patricians loved to amuse themselves with cruel games. This picture reflects the mores of that time. The plot of the picture is very tragic: a young woman in a torn dress is leaning against the wall, and opposite her is a tiger, ready to jump. He bared his fangs, ready to rip his victim. Above the scene, the Roman patricians watch.

Such a painful and slow death from the teeth and claws of the tiger was very common in ancient times. So the gentlemen punished their negligent servants.

Of course, only Caesar could keep tigers for such fun. But the tragedy of the picture is that such fun existed at all. Fortunately, the times when other people’s misery caused laughter and were a spectacular sight, have sunk into the past. It’s terrible to imagine that such shows were arranged regularly, and those who arranged them could sleep at night.

We see the horror that froze on the young woman’s face. The whole scene is perfectly drawn – every crevice on the stones of the walls is visible, among which there is a silent duel – women and a tiger. They are between two walls, in the shade. At the top of the balcony, the sun shines there, and there are entertaining spectators.

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Painting by Polenov “Caesar’s Fun”