What makes a man a man’s work

A person makes a man his roots – family, friends, colleagues, places in which he was born and live, the country. It often happens that a person breaks into other circles, moves, finds new friends, starts a family, but still remembers his roots. He recalls his native language and culture in the evenings (if he is in another country), thinks about abandoned places, scrolls in his head memories of relatives and friends. Anyone who forgets about his roots – loses a particle of himself. The pompous director of the plant, who began as a simple mechanic, and now refuses the workers-who is he? Did he forget the way he was going to his office?

That’s the main character of the play “The Bourgeois in the Nobility” forgot about his roots. Mr. Jourdain deceived himself: he was trying to be what he was not. His selfish ambitions were ordered to flatter grandees and rich men, forgetting about really important people. He paid huge sums of money to various “teachers” who used it and gave insincere compliments. All the “lessons” of secular manners were necessary for him to move to the higher circles of the French aristocracy.

His own wife was a stupid rich man ready to drive out of the house to seduce a great widow. Even the fate of her own daughter interested in Jourdain through the prism of the origin of her future husband. His beloved Lucille (the daughter of a petty bourgeois) – Cleonte – had to change into the son of a Turkish sultan. Mr. Jourdain agreed to give Lucile for a foreigner who was a heterodox who would take the fragile Frenchwoman to a distant country.

Although the history of the philistine in the nobility supposedly ended perfectly, but thanks to the humanity, the cordiality of his relatives, who really cared about Mr. Jourdain and forgave his fictions. We hope that thanks to their love, the hero will remember who he really is.

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What makes a man a man’s work