Composition on the work of Lermontov

Lermontov turned to the poem at the very beginning of his creative career. About 30 poems came out from under his pen. They keep an inseparable connection with his lyrics, they trace all the same themes, ideas and images. Continuing the artistic endeavors of Pushkin and Byron, the poet developed the Russian romantic poem as a genre.

The main place in the lyrical poems of Lermontov goes to the hero, who directly opposes the society. He is both a victim and an avenger, and his fault is caused by circumstances beyond his control. The desire of the hero to be reborn through love usually ends sadly.

Among the works of Lermontov especially I want to highlight the poem “The Death of a Poet.” It is my favorite.

When in 1837 the poet became aware of the death wound of Pushkin, which he received in a duel, he created this poem. However, Lermontov learned that in the higher circles slander spreads to Pushkin, that he was blamed for a duel. The poet expressed his indignation in the last 16 lines, which he added to the text, they begin as follows:

“And you, haughty descendants Known infamy of the glorified fathers…”

At a time when Pushkin’s friends were afraid to write the truth about his death, Lermontov was the first who did it. With his poem, he points out that secular society must first of all be blamed for the death of a famous poet. After all, it did not understand Pushkin during his lifetime. However, later the author writes:

“Killed, why now sobbing, Empty praise unnecessary chorus And a pitiful babble of justification? Fate has come to a verdict!”

Lermontov was certainly a great poet, he was able to convey the true human feelings in his works and make the reader live them as his own.

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Composition on the work of Lermontov