What makes a person a person?

Saint-Exupery wrote the “Little Prince” shortly before his tragic death. As the poet A. Prasolov says, “individual human souls always publish their last, swan-pure, farewell cry…” This philosophical tale became a testament to the writer’s will to people. Many of her lines entered our life as commandments: “We are responsible for those who have tamed,” “The most important thing you will not see with your eyes.

Each aphorism of Exupery encourages reflection. Why do you see the most important only in your heart? And what is the most important thing in life? “Little Prince” helps us understand this. The main thing is what makes the heart beat, then why it rejoices or contracts in anguish, that which hurts or cures it.

The main thing is not what you can see and count, but what you can only feel. And this makes a person a person.

For the Little Prince, the stars are beautiful not because they look good in

the night sky, but because there is a flower that he loves. It’s good for him to know that the flower does not threaten anything.

Having come to Earth, the Little Prince looks for people on it, because there is nothing more interesting than a person, there is nothing more expensive than friendship and participation, love and care for each other.

He tries to explain to his adult friend that people are spending their lives on empty, useless things, whereas everything a person needs, everything that makes him a person “can be found in one rose, in one sip of water,” in a smile child.

Living on Earth, among people, a person should not feel in a desert where there is not a single living soul.

The Little Prince saw this Earth. Such it can become for each of us if among the people who live on our planet, ambitious people, kings and lovers of figures there are no people who know how to “see with the heart.”

If we stop feeling beauty, appreciate friendship and love, take care of each other and our planet, it will overgrow with baobabs and turn into asteroids, to which someone will assign the next serial number, for example, B-613.

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What makes a person a person?