The composition on the theme “The Word is a Great Work”

Great because the word can unite people for noble, great deeds. In a word, you can express love and all the subtle movements of the soul. But, unfortunately, the word can serve as enmity and hatred. It is no accident that in two equally constructed proverbs the meaning of speech is contrasted: “My tongue is my friend” and “My tongue is my enemy”.

It is about this paradoxical contradiction that there is a conversation in the source text. When Aesop spoke about the merits of speech, his reasoning was to his heart. And as soon as he reminded that words can disconnect people, not all guests liked this saying. Why is it so unpleasant to listen to Aesop’s answer.

Perhaps, in his own words Aesop made many people think about what language is. In the same concept, there are the roots of good and evil. And it depends on the person how he will use the amazing weapon – language. The author of the text, retelling the ancient legend, reminds us of

the skillful possession of speech and the careful attitude to the word.

Let us also see how pride and reproach sound in the same word. Let us recall two words – a relative: “one and one.” In modern Russian, in a few words there is a close relationship (“one”, “one”). In others – the complete opposite: “one” – “unity”, “one” – “loneliness.” This is how the true meaning of the same word can change over time.

Russian writers have said many wonderful words about the language. They urge to love, appreciate and learn the language. VG Korolenko in the story “Without language” said: “Truth is spoken, without language, a person as a blind or a small child.” These words, like Aesop’s reply, are an “unpleasant” reminder that a person, having a language, can not own it, does not realize his powerful strength and extraordinary wealth.

Thinking about the state of the modern Russian language, we hear scolding, moaning, yelling. Indeed, “how not to fall into despair at the sight of everything that is happening at home!” (SI Turgenev). But time will pass and a person will feel the charm in our speech. Russian is beautiful! And on it still sing the best songs about the future.

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The composition on the theme “The Word is a Great Work”