What makes a person happy

Happiness for any person is highly paid work on a specialty, the house, the wife and healthy obedient children. For the majority of the population of our planet, these are the main indicators of happiness. But in order to have a good job, it is necessary to finish the school with a gold or silver medal, enter the university (preferably on a budget), to study perfectly during the whole educational process in order to obtain high-quality and professional knowledge. And now, in the end, finish the teaching with a red diploma (now: a diploma with honors). And all that I have listed is not the main thing!

The first problem with which young professionals meet is work on the specialty. But there are great difficulties in this. Imagine that you are one of the graduates of the KhNPU them. GS Skovoroda. First, you must work for several years at school. Will you have a desire to remain a teacher in this or any other school with a monthly salary of 12,500 rubles? Of course not! Therefore,

that it will be hard for you to feed and put on these kopecks, not to mention the family. I believe that such a low salary is a mockery of a person, since this money will not make him happy, only vice versa.

We often meet in the markets of the city sellers of different things, which I have even two higher educations! That’s horrible! What will happen next? Who will teach children, treat patients, build housing? Will this country have a future? Never! Some scientists say that our nation remained to exist 50-80, a maximum of 100 years! And you think for yourself: the mortality rate is several times higher than the birth rate! Mothers do not want to give birth, they give their own children to orphanages for one reason – they do not have the means to feed their babies! Where do you go, happiness, come into our country!

The historical experience of mankind convincingly proves that it was in the spiritual sphere that each people drew strength to overcome any crises. Therefore, at the time – the study of the religious experience of our country, the core of which is mentality. The brightest representatives

of the Ukrainian religious mentality, to the thought of many modern scholars, were Pushkin, Lermontov and M. Gogol. Its important characteristic is the people’s duality, the fusion of the mysticism of Orthodox Christianity and the Slavic pagan mythology. Having nature as the main way of knowing God, a person identifies it with the Creator (this world view is called pantheism). Accordingly, pantheism emphasizes the worship of the sun as a visible root cause and guard of the world. The sun is perceived as the eye of God or the reflection of his face, or God himself appears as the “Sun of heavenly powers” (V.

Our country is located on an extremely fertile land, so the family can fully provide for itself and settle separately. Human fate depends on the earth, therefore, the connection with the earth is strengthened as a guarantee of happiness.

Russia understands the land as a holy mother, as a person is created from it, it is sanctified by the blood of guards and ancestors in general. For the nations of the land, the land has a special weight as a nurse; to beat her without need is considered as a terrible sin, as to beat the mother. The most cherished oath is the eating of a lump of earth – the form of communion with the greatest treasure. As it pierces the universe, God fills the human being, so “the earth is heaven, man is god,” or at least part of it. Rejoicing in the work on the ground, Russia seeks to be closer to nature than to communicate with people.

Considering the mentality, it is necessary to specify the location of Russia: geographic and geopolitical, spiritual and philosophical. Existence as a constant risk leads to the upbringing of the knight-Cossack type of man or flight to petty-bourgeois life. It is obvious that the family and, more broadly, the genus is the main social unit of man. Rulers change every day, today’s government presses on the throat of the supporters of yesterday, and Russia willingly divides the whole world into “our own” and “strangers.” It is interesting that the ideal of farmers was not a father – a hunter and a warrior, in the Virgin Mary, so it was the mother who was the center of many families.

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What makes a person happy