My birthplace work

Every person has those things that live in the soul and heart of a person, for which he is ready to give everything. Of course, each of us is a personality, it may be difficult for some to call oneself a person, because a person is the person who achieved something, with firmly expressed principles and desires, able to stand up for himself and for what he does, about what he dreams what he represents. And since we will write about the homeland in this article – then from childhood we understand that this is our mother earth, which feeds us, where we live, a place that means for us great value.

Therefore, it is better to use the meaning here not “person” but “person”. And so, each person has his own values, but probably for most of us, to many values, he undoubtedly includes his parents, his family and his homeland.

The homeland is a part of our soul. Without a homeland there is no language and nation, values ​​and culture. The motherland plays for us a very important role in life. If we take our homeland from us, it is the same as taking away a piece of heart or soul from a person. Homeland is for us in the first row of human values. This is our mother, who is growing us up and feeding us. And each of us is always ready to defend our homeland.

At the lessons of language and literature, the main thing for the teacher is, at the same time, to give his students as much as possible new knowledge, and also to bring up a sense of patriotism. The main thing for a teacher to teach a nationally conscious person in language and literature classes. Teachers try to do this in every possible way. And one of these ways is writing essays. And in order to raise a nationally-conscious person, the topic of the homeland is the best and most popular.

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My birthplace work