The work “Work is the basis of life”

You can recall a huge number of classics with sayings about work. Do not lag behind in numbers and Russian proverbs. The meaning of all statements amounts to the fact that it is by work that a person improves himself and makes a better world around himself. According to VA Sukhomlinsky, work was a force through which a person could evolve from a monkey. And it’s true, only people work on the earth, the animals do not worry about work. Hence, it is precisely labor that distinguishes man from an animal.

Thanks to work, people have reached the level of civilization that is now. The most hard-working nation is the Japanese. And if you pay attention to their standard of living and development, the connection between their performance and the prosperity that their country has reached becomes obvious.

At the word work, we first of all think of physical labor. It was he who became the primary cause of development, and then of improving living conditions. With the passage

of time, the direction of activity changed: picking berries, hunting, farming, labor in urban enterprises, but one thing remained unchanged. The one who worked a lot and conscientiously had more material wealth. The one who was lazy, did not achieve anything.

Labor is not only physical, but also intellectual. A person can achieve a lot by working his head. Scientists, writers, economists spend the same amount of energy for their working day as the worker at the plant. and bring no less benefits to their fellow citizens. Intellectual work is honorable and necessary. It is he who moves the improvement of technology and the overall development of man. If we do not have good books, we can not develop inwardly spiritually and morally, we can not learn something new, we will have nowhere to get a stimulus for self-improvement.

But the most harmoniously developed individuals can be considered those people who combine physical and mental activity. Such people, according to their own statements, are happy, because they can self-fulfill in full. And the periodic change of activities is considered the best rest.


is not only a necessity to have means to live. This is also an urgent need for many people. Otherwise, why in our century, when any products can be bought, people continue to sow and cultivate vegetable gardens in cottages? For what people hobbies associated with needlework – knitting, embroidery, sewing. Many, despite the possibility of hiring workers, prefer to build their own homes, repair their apartments, sort out the engines of their cars. Work, manual or intellectual – is the basis of human life, without which we degrade.

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The work “Work is the basis of life”