Letter to Mom from daughter

Dear mother, I am writing to tell you how much you mean to me. And no matter how trite it may sound, but it’s true. In the life of each child, the mother should be a symbol of kindness, love, protection. What a pity that not all children are given to understand how to feel it, that there is a person in this life for which your life is more valuable than your own. How good that I am not among these people and I was lucky to be your daughter.

My childhood memories are connected with you. I remember how each New Year you tried to make for me a truly wonderful and magical holiday. And even knowing that you do not have money and without expecting a miracle under the tree, I loved you endlessly. But, despite all the difficulties, you somehow made an unknown miracle a holiday. I do not even now understand how you managed to implement it.

My heart still warms up memories, as you pity me when I ripped my knee once again, as she taught me to bake pies and make jelly. And no matter how hard it was for us not to be with you then, but we were able to overcome all difficulties.

One letter does not say anything. But now, looking at your tired eyes, which are still filled with love, your gray hair, I say to you: “Thank you.” Thank you for making my childhood real, that was close, that I tried to understand and not to scold. What endured me when I started growing up and doing stupid things.

It is your example that helps me now to overcome all the difficulties on the path of life. You were not only my mother, but also my best friend. Your patience and kindness brought up in me a very important feeling, which so little now occurs – it is compassion. I, like you, try to stretch out a helping hand whenever you need it. Thank you, dear mother.

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Letter to Mom from daughter