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Labor is a very important factor, with which the entire life of every person is closely related. A person works hard to provide himself and his family with a decent standard of living. Labor in the life of everyone begins at a very young age, when children go to school. Their job is to gain knowledge. This is necessary in order to get an education and a specialty, which will help to get a job in later life. After receiving education, a real adult life begins. Young men and girls begin to work in the chosen specialty. Each profession is very important, so it does not really matter who to work. Each profession benefits people and allows solving their various problems.

The builder works to ensure that there are new buildings: hospitals, schools, residential buildings. The miner in the mine extracts coal so that the boiler houses can work and we have hot water and heat. The work of a hairdresser is also necessary for every person, because we all need a neat appearance and a beautiful

hairstyle. Each profession is irreplaceable. There can not be shops without sellers, schools without teachers, hospitals without doctors. All work for the benefit of other people and their families. Every labor is paid according to merit. Having received a salary for their work, a person can buy himself and his family the necessary things, food, can pay bills for the apartment, for light, gas and water.

As the military has different titles, from lieutenant to colonel and general, so in any profession there is the possibility of growth and advancement. All the bosses and directors once began to work as ordinary workers. They tried, and this gave them the opportunity in a few years to become leaders and manage the same simple workers that they used to be.

Labor develops a person, allows you to learn something new, increase your level of development and skills. Many people learn in their lives, not one, but two, three or more professions. Having different specialties, you can work in completely different enterprises and choose your work that will be most suitable and will be loved. The seller can become a teacher, and a plumber can become a scientist. Everything is in the hands of each person. Everyone chooses his profession and where to work for him.

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Work on the topic of work