Work and rest in our family

Work in our family is loved by everyone: mother, father, sister, and me. I will not talk about how Mom and Dad work in the industry, because I myself have not seen it, I’ve only heard from my parents that it’s hard.

Each of us has our own responsibilities in domestic work. Dad, for example, likes to cook food. He’s a wonderful cook. Its borsch, shish kebab and french fries are just a holiday of taste. And what a strict and important looks dad in his apron in the kitchen! The only thing that the Pope does not tolerate during his “ritual” in the kitchen is the appearance of uninvited spectators: me, mother or sister. We must do our own business and only during lunch or dinner we have the right to see the daddy’s dish and admire it!

Mom does at home such usual, but very necessary work, like washing, cleaning, ironing, sewing, mending clothes. Also, my mother prepares dishes from dough, because the pope does not have enough patience to mix

it. In large, general cleaning, not only mother, but also every member of our family participates.

My sister and I also do certain housework, although my mother says that our most important work now is study. I take out garbage in the evenings, I help during cleaning, and my sister helps my mother during washing, and she works well on the sewing machine.

Now about how we rest.

In the evenings, father and mother watch television, read, meet guests, sometimes my mother writes letters to her mother, our grandmother, who lives in another city and rarely comes to us, because her pension is small.

My sister and I rest in our evenings in our own way. Sister chatters with her friends on the phone, dresses her doll Barbie, thumbs through fashion magazines, listens to music. In the evenings I play computer games, I collect airplane models, sometimes I go out into the yard to take a walk with my friends.

I described the work and rest in our family on weekdays during the year, but there is still summer. And in the summer – trips to the sea and to the village. At the dacha in the village a lot of work, but also a lot of fun entertainment.

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Work and rest in our family