The work “The Earth is Our Home”

Awareness of the homeland for each of the people comes in its own way. But time comes – and everyone understands the inseparable unity with their native land. After all, our grandfathers and parents grew up on this land, we learned to walk on it and our descendants will take the first steps. Our ancestors defended this land, protected it as the most valuable treasure. She was always their wealth, which they prided and defended. And accepting from nature its gifts, people understood that these bounties would be much greater if they observe nature.

In our time, an environmental problem has arisen in front of people. This is due to the fact that people decided to become masters of nature, began to subdue it. As a result of the work of production, rivers are polluted. Increased arable land led to the destruction of forests.

Stinky Kakhovskoe reservoir was when the picturesque Ukrainian land. Under the water, white huts, cherry orchards and curly willows were staked. And

when the beautiful and rich Aral Sea dried up, because of it water was pumped out for irrigation of arid regions. Descendants inherited only beautiful Shevchenko drawings of the Aral Sea.

People rashly exploit nature, and sometimes just do not think about the consequences of their actions. Irresponsibility led to the Chernobyl disaster, which affected the vast regions of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. As a result of the accident, hundreds of people were killed. And how many people with disabilities, villages and cities are contaminated with radionuclides. The radiation background is still over 18 years after the accident.

The maimed earth, the mutilated people. It seems to me that nuclear power plants in general should be banned, as long as they exist, the country is in danger. Drainage of marshes in Polissya left people without drinking water. And here in Kharkiv, as a result of the change in the riverbed, residential areas were flooded. The river disappeared, leaving behind only the name. We have a Ne-techenskaya embankment along a non-existent river. And there are many such facts. And the most innocuous, in my opinion, is that beside the grieving masters there were indifferent people who simply watched the destruction of nature. It’s a shame, but there are a lot of such among us. Is it really necessary to destroy, then to revive? Do people learn only from mistakes? We must finally understand that man is a particle of a great mother nature, which should not be conquered, but it is necessary to live with it in harmony.

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The work “The Earth is Our Home”