My favorite work is composition

My favorite work is Ivan Turgenev’s story “Asya”. Written far from Russia, the story tells about the events that occurred in a small German town, but it absorbed all the author’s deep impressions of the Motherland.

I’m close to the spirit of this work, I understand Asya, her feelings and joys are very close to me. Mr. NN deceived the most sacred hopes of the heroine, her fragile and gullible maiden heart. And the novel, which “awakens with its first half the lightest expectations,” a story in which “there are no dirty rogues, no official villains, no philistines, muzhiks and little officials.” After reading, leaves a feeling of inner emptiness, desolation, sorrow. NN is not capable of true, spiritual, selfless love, which Asya was waiting for from him. NN – a living image of the modern nobility, his character surprisingly corresponds to the society of that time. In the story “Asya” felt some aching sadness from the sensation of the discord of dreams and reality.

Over the years, studying the psychology of people, human characters and passions, Turgenev came to the conclusion that I like the most in this story: “Happiness does not have tomorrow.” These lines contain the whole truth of life, the whole profound meaning of the story.

After reading the story “Asya”, I discovered a lot for myself, I discovered Turgenev as a wonderful writer, a subtle thinker and philosopher, and I learned one more life story.

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My favorite work is composition