The theme of the work “Motherland”

Every person is born in a certain country, where he usually lives his whole life. And the country where we are born is our family for us. for which we are ready to put our lives and protect it to the last drop of blood, while our heart beats in the chest. We want our homeland to rise all the time in the eyes of others, and achieve great successes and heights. Right now we are talking about such a potential country as Russia. This country is big and mighty, also the territory of the country occupies a very large area all over the world, and its infrastructure is very large and promising. If you look at the history of Russia, we will see its difficult fate. but thanks to perseverance she achieved what she wanted. Here is my prologue, I wanted to tell you, but now I will tell you about that information,

Dear my users, you will sometimes need to write the text of the essays on a specific topic, namely how I from the very beginning told you about my homeland and the people. Here you

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The success of a person is that if a person wants something badly, then he will definitely achieve it. The main thing is perseverance. I want to tell you the fact that the way you learned from childhood, will greatly influence your affairs in the future life, and especially – in your profession. If a person from the very childhood was looking for something, tried, he will achieve his place in life, and if he was still at an early age all exactly, then it would be very difficult for such a person to start something. So learn, write dictations and works.

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The theme of the work “Motherland”